Come preparare la richiesta di pubblicazione?

Once you have found the ideal host blog, the first thing to do is to prepare your request for publication. In other words, you need to know how guest posting works with the blog. In the simplest of cases, the site offers a guide or page exclusively dedicated to the

Cosa fare prima di inviare un Guest Post?

Throwing yourself into guest blogging is not an effective method, it is better to proceed step by step in order to guarantee the success of each guest article you propose. First step, learn what to know and what to do before submitting the guest article. 1) Define your objectives The

Perché scrivere un Guest Post?

Did you know that 60% of bloggers write articles for other blogs? In other words, they are adding to the content of other blogs at the expense of their own site. There's no doubt that this practice is counter-intuitive, but if so many bloggers are doing it, don't you think

What is a Guest Post and what is

The principle of guest blogging consists of writing an article that you will publish on a site that does not belong to you. In general, this will be a site that is thematically related to the product/service you offer. If, for example, you sell climbing equipment, you will be looking

Perché fare Guest Post e quali rischi?

Guest posting or guest blogging refers to writing articles or content for a blog that is not your own. You become a "guest" author on the blog in question, an occasional contributor. Guest posting is a way of strengthening the relationship between two websites, boosting the reach of both and

Come fare un Guest Blog Posting di qualità?

Guest Blogging is a practice that brings several benefits to both websites. The site that receives the guest article benefits from a significant time saving. In addition, the guest blogger benefits from the reputation of the site that proposes the article, while feeding its content. In turn, the guest blogger

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